Following the Blue Trail

Travel plans are moving out of the mists. We will soon be departing for England and Ireland to visit family and also to attend the Dublin Theatre Festival and a writer retreat on the Beara Peninsula in southwest Ireland. The internet offers many ways to lay down tracks through various modes of transportation and places to… Continue reading Following the Blue Trail


Irish Travel… a tale within a tale

This story is from 2002. I will be traveling again in Ireland in the autumn and hope that the magic I found then is still there... I wonder if W.B. Yeats back in 1893 had a premonition for those born several generations later in the Americas when he wrote in the forward of "The Celtic Twilight": "The… Continue reading Irish Travel… a tale within a tale

“I have faith in nights”

Winter Solstice 2015. Today I remember Maeshowe in the Orkneys and think of how this winter festival still stirs my imagination..... You darkness, that I come from, I love you more than all the fires that fence in the world, for the fire makes a circle of light for everyone, and then no one outside… Continue reading “I have faith in nights”

ROOTINGS by Virginia Gillespie

My story was accepted as part of the of the If Women Rose Rooted  Like Trees project 2014 by Sharon Blackie in Donegal. Originally posted online, it was part of initial considerations as a woman with Celtic roots, but from North America. "Like many with Celtic ancestry my people moved to the New World -whether… Continue reading ROOTINGS by Virginia Gillespie