ROOTINGS by Virginia Gillespie

My story was accepted as part of the of the If Women Rose Rooted  Like Trees project 2014 by Sharon Blackie in Donegal. Originally posted online, it was part of initial considerations as a woman with Celtic roots, but from North America. "Like many with Celtic ancestry my people moved to the New World -whether… Continue reading ROOTINGS by Virginia Gillespie


November Dawn

It is rare that I can wake up and see the colours of dawn in late November from my bedroom window. Normally cloud cover and trees diffuse light and mute the early mornings in a bland sameness that does not inspire getting out of bed. The colours were so enticing that not only did I… Continue reading November Dawn

“You are everything you feel beside the river…”

Another river theme. This is an excerpt from a piece by Paul Simon about Seamus Heaney. I don't necessarily agree with Simon about the distant cousin aspect of poetry to song and labouring under a different set of rules. I suppose that would depend on the style of the writer. For me, I started out… Continue reading “You are everything you feel beside the river…”