Resistance: the Mythos and the Logos

The Art of Enchantment

There’s a lot of talk about resistance right now. All kinds of people telling us what we must do, what we must not do, how to act, how we’re bad if we don’t act, how to make a radical act, how to be an activist, how to be the right kind of activist (their kind of activist), how to resist, resist, resist …

Maybe I’m no different, now. I’ve stayed quiet about all this for a good while, but I’m beginning to be disturbed by some of the value judgements I’ve seen thrown out on social media. I’m disturbed mostly because I’ve seen a few angry words directed by people at their ‘friends’ who dare to wonder whether maybe there are other ways of resisting than the creation of civil unrest. Not necessarily better ways – just the thought that other ways might be valid, too, and might still deserve…

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