Even in the darkest night the light will come

Rotkäppchen   Munich 2002  - Galli Theatre    Virginia Gillespie, Grandmother The bi-lingual version of the fairy tale Rotkäppchen - Red Riding Hood in German and English was often played for audiences with many immigrant children. That same year in Mullaghmore, Ireland we played Hansel and Gretel for an Irish audience with a troupe whose mother… Continue reading Even in the darkest night the light will come


Irish Playwrights and Brian Friel

Playwright Brian Friel died today. Special moments all round Dublin theatres tonight. This public art piece is in an alley between Temple Bar and the River Liffey. It says, "Around 1610 Shakespeare wrote The Tempest and retired to Stratford Upon Avon where he died in 1613. Queen Elizabeth having completed the conquest of Ireland was… Continue reading Irish Playwrights and Brian Friel

and moan the expense of many a vanisht sight…

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 30. FOURTEEN lines, ONE Portugese writer-actor, TEN volunteer reciters. BY HEART  by writer-actor Tiago Rodrigues, Dublin Theatre Festival  2015 Our first play at the Dublin Theatre Festival 2015. Writer-Actor TIAGO RODRIGUES taught ten volunteers to memorize and recite Shakespeare's Sonnet 30 while he recalled stories about his grandmother interspersed with tales about Boris… Continue reading and moan the expense of many a vanisht sight…